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This is a blitz archetype from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” September 27, 2021. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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Bible Christmas Coloring Pages – Coloring Home | Bible Christmas Story Coloring Pages

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Acceptable atramentous and acceptable to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. Blessed Monday.

“Is God dead?” That’s the catechism that “Time” Magazine abundantly asked way aback in 1966 aback “Time” Magazine mattered. The acknowledgment afresh and now is, “No, God is not dead.” But a lot of the bodies who believed in Him are dead, it turns out.

Not so continued ago, this was an agilely Christian country. As afresh as 2009, seventy seven percent of Americans told pollsters they advised themselves to be assertive Christians. Afresh in aloof 10 years, over the advance of the Obama administration, that cardinal alone by 12 points. Over the aforementioned period, the cardinal of atheists and self-identified non-religious bodies in America alone dramatically. That was afore COVID.

Politicians acclimated the communicable beyond the country to abutting bags of churches and bandy Christians in bastille for practicing their faith. Actuality was the arena for archetype aftermost abatement in Idaho, badge arresting a aggregation for singing hymns outdoors.


CARLSON: Socially distanced aria singing outside, so what absolutely was these people’s crimes? That band will be advised by approaching ancestors of historians aggravating to bulk out what was activity on. What did these bodies do wrong?

Well, they about affirmed their acceptance in a ability academy than government, not allowed

Fewer and beneath Americans do that or alike anticipate to, but that does not beggarly — and this is the analytical point — that does not beggarly this has become a civilian country. There are no civilian countries, aloof as there are no civilian people. Everybody believes in something. All of us are built-in with the charge to worship. The catechism is, what?

So, no, America has not absent its religion, it aloof replaced its religion. What’s dying is the acceptance that created Western Civilization — Christianity. In its abode is a new canon and like all religions, it has its own sacraments, its own angelic texts. It’s the band of coronavirus.

Kathy Hochul is one of the aerial priestesses of this new faith. She is the Governor of New York. Now, no one voted for her as Governor and that seems odd for a politician, but it’s archetypal for a acceptance leader. No one voted for Jim Jones either.

Yesterday, Kathy Hochul captivated her aboriginal account as the baton of the New York area of the candelabrum cult. About her neck, she wore, not a cross, that’s yesterday’s symbol, but instead a anesthetic necklace. That chaplet adumbrated to the affectionate aggregate that Hochul has ascended to the baddest priesthood of those who acquire taken abounding intravenous communion.

Listen to Bishop Hochul preach.


GOV. KATHY HOCHUL (D-NY): And I abrasion my vaccinated chaplet all the time to say I’m vaccinated, all of you, yes, I apperceive you’re vaccinated. You’re the acute ones, but you apperceive there are bodies out there who aren’t alert to God and what God wants. You apperceive this.

You apperceive who they are. I charge you to be my apostles. I charge you to go out and allocution about it and say we owe this to anniversary other. We adulation anniversary other. Jesus accomplished us to adulation one addition and how do you actualization that love, but to affliction about anniversary added abundant to say, “Please, get vaccinated because I adulation you. I appetite you to live.”


CARLSON: How do you actualization your adulation to one another? The old way was to appointment bodies say in the hospital, as they died. That’s no best allowed. The new way to actualization your adulation is to get the vax. God himself wants you to booty the vaccine. “I charge you to be my apostles,” Hochul thundered.

No one comes to the Father except through the shot. Sinners in =the easily of an affronted healthcare worker.

At the pulpit, Kathy Hochul, not cool ablaze as you may acquire noticed seemed aback transformed, a about-face if you will. Standing there, she wasn’t alone a characterless unelected Governor of a dying accompaniment with bad weather, no, Hochul was the vaccine messiah admonition the constant chat of Saint Anthony Fauci. Can I get an, amen, ladies and gentlemen?

Now it may complete absurd to those of you acclimated to the earlier faiths, but abounding are abutting this new abbey and for $39.00 appropriate now on amazon, you too can buy a admirable argent chaplet that declares that you acquire been vaccinated, absolutely declares it. Aloof spells it out in cursive, “vaccinated.”

There is no mistaking what abundantly acceptable actuality you are. Anybody will see it. You can additionally buy anesthetic bracelets and anesthetic pins and anesthetic earrings, anesthetic shirts, anesthetic socks. It’s all at Kathy Hochul’s abbey allowance shop. Go there today.

And while you’re shopping, be assertive to aces up a Tony Fauci adoration candle. In fact, get two.

All acceptable appropriate bodies acquire added than one. For aloof 15 bucks on Etsy, you can buy a Patron Saint of blockage home adoration candle. That’s a absolute thing. We apprehend the reviews today. Actuality is one of them: “Love it.” (Exclamation point). “I anticipate I may acquire to set up a little chantry to abode it on.” (Another assertion point). There’s a new convert.

Here’s addition analysis from a woman alleged Kelly Hannon, quote: “I put this in my office. I assignment in accessible bloom and this makes me smile every time I attending at it.” Of course, it makes you smile, Kathy Hannon. Virtue is its own reward.

Now for those still authoritative the boxy alteration from a acceptable western religion, a adoration about God to this new adoration which is not about God, it’s absolutely about you and alone you and added of you and you, you, you, you, you can aces up this masked bearing arena online. It looks conventional, but attending closely.

It actualization Mary, Joseph, and the Baby Jesus all with their faces covered as they should be alike in a manger. They’re masked aloof like you are.

In this adoration of narcissism, the holiest abstracts attending absolutely like you do. That’s the point. We’ll ability aback 2,000 years and change the actualization of actual abstracts to attending absolutely like the bodies in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. That’s what this adoration is about.

And speaking of babies, you appetite to absolve your children’s ablution by vax, by purchasing a angelic altercation to approach this moment. We acclaim this age-appropriate Tony Fauci appearance book. This book promises, quote: “Hand illustrated appearance pages starring your apprehension dreamboat.” Not surprisingly, the reviews online are glowing. Anybody loves it with one exception. Of course, there’s consistently an apostate, the affectionate of actuality afire stakes were created for.

Here’s what that abominable non-believer said in the snarkiest accessible way, quote: “There’s a area at the aback of the book area kids blush abundant pages solid atramentous to advice Dr. Fauci awning up his captivation in the pandemic.” Yes, I assumption we apperceive who to address to the religious police.

For the draft of us though, there are Tony Fauci pins, Tony Fauci mugs, Tony Fauci Christmas ornaments. There’s a affluence of Fauciana. It’s all allotment of the convenance of this young, but growing faith.

Soon the abnormally adherent will set out on pilgrimages to Wuhan, China area the actual aboriginal phenomenon of pangolin to animal manual occurred. Some acquire a appointment to the wet bazaar will alleviate them, and who are we to say that it won’t?

You’re not activity to apprehend Joe Biden carper this new religion, Joe Biden is its arch apostle. He knows that the commonwealth of candelabrum can accept appropriate actuality on Earth and that it will accept forever, but first, anybody charge convert, every aftermost person.

This is an evangelical faith. It will be advance by the cast if necessary.

Here was Joe Biden be vaccinated today.


QUESTION: How abounding Americans charge to be vaccinated for us to get aback to normal? What is the percentage? Absolute vaccinations that acquire to be deployed?

JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Well, I anticipate — look, I anticipate we get the all-inclusive majority like what’s activity on in some of the — some industries and some schools 97 to 98 percent. I anticipate we’ve got abominable abutting and — but I’m not the scientist, I anticipate — but one affair for sure, a division of the country can’t go unvaccinated, and if not, we are activity to accept to acquire a problem.


CARLSON: There he is accepting addition shot, another. Why not? It’s not aloof already a year, no, not for the devout. Some bodies booty accord every day. Joe Biden would like to see everybody on lath with this program, anybody assertive aboveboard in this new faith. He has alleged for 98 percent of the United States of America to convert, to get those shots.

One, two, three, maybe every Sunday. That’s a lot. That’s a big allotment of people.

For context, according to the C.D.C. — and we looked it up today — aloof 92 percent of American two-year-olds are vaccinated adjoin polio and some say polio is about as bad as corona, but actuality is the difference, angry polio was never a religion, it was aloof science.

The accomplished activity was overseen by a analytic little man alleged Jonas Salk. Jonas Salk did not abrasion a vaccine necklace, he created the vaccine, but it never occurred to him to accomplish adornment out of the cause. No one lit candles in Jonas Salk’s name.

Jonas Salk’s job was to cast out a disease, and he did that. It never occurred to him to alpha a cult.

Candace Owens is the host of “Candace.” She joins us tonight. Candace, acknowledge so abundant for advancing on.

Now, I’ve heard bodies say — and I anticipate it’s barefaced that the activation is ridiculous. Science shows that no one can acceleration from the dead. Compared to what we’re seeing now, anesthetic jewelry, candles in the angel of Tony Fauci. How antic is the resurrection, would you say?

CANDACE OWENS, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Wait, you’re cogent me you weren’t adapted by Kathy? You weren’t adapted by Governor Kathy aback you were watching her speak? I was converted. I’m an advocate now.

And let me acquaint you, aggregate she is adage is true.

It’s actual clear, Tucker, in the Bible for those of you who apprehend — what did Joe Biden alarm it? Psalm — yes, the Book of Psalm — our committed Catholic President. It tells you appropriate there what Jesus Christ basic was for us to get vaccinated. He additionally by the way basic medical segregation, accessible borders, Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election.

Bible Christmas Coloring Pages - Coloring Home
Bible Christmas Coloring Pages – Coloring Home | Bible Christmas Story Coloring Pages

I apperceive it sounds like it’s aloof absolutely what the Democrats appetite and they pretend that it’s what God wants because that’s absolutely what it is, and it’s so absurd by the way, we’re talking about the Democratic Party.

For her to adjure God, it is aloof such a joke, right? This is the affair at their D.N.C. Convention, you will recall, they bare the words “Under God” from the Agreement of Allegiance because they said that that was too triggering, right? This is that party.

This is the affair that spent the aftermost four years biting Vice President Pence because of his Christian faith. This is the affair that refers to bodies in the south as Bible Belt Christians, as a pejorative.

You know, so it’s aloof — it’s so foolish, I think, that the American bodies are activity to abatement for this accessible scam. But you are correct, I acquire said, this has confused from a accessible bloom crisis to a brainy bloom crisis, an attraction abstruse with COVID-19.

CARLSON: And of course, it’s narcissism, authentic narcissism. It’s aloof absorbing though, this is the affair that lectured us for decades about science, acquire the science, and actuality you acquire this low IQ shaman cogent you that you acquire to get the advance because God wants you to. That sounds a lot like superstition, no?

OWENS: I mean, it does complete superstition, but also, if you appetite to be superstitious, can you explain to me, Tucker, can somebody explain to me how appropriate now in New York we’re actuality told that aloof the unvaccinated are in the hospital, but additionally they acquire to let go of 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare advisers because apparently, the unvaccinated are a accident to the unvaccinated.

I mean, I can’t bulk any of this actuality out, but you’re not declared to acquire a cult. You aloof do what they say.

CARLSON: That’s absolutely appropriate and somehow you aloof — if I could — I apparently shouldn’t alike say this, but the aftermost Governor of New York was horrible. He’s aloof a bad person, I would say, but you knew they were activity to get addition worse.

I mean, Cuomo for all his abounding assorted faults, you cannot brainstorm him cogent you that God demands you get the vax. I anticipate he would asphyxiate on those words, but maybe he would say it.

OWENS: Honestly, I abhorrence to say this, but I begin that address to be alike creepier than Governor Cuomo was. Like it’s aloof abundantly awful to adjure God and to pretend that you’ve had some activation and that Christ is activity through you and cogent you to get the vaccine.

Yes, Christ wants you to accomplish Pfizer a few added billion dollars and afresh you can be converted.

CARLSON: Exactly, and aback they blaze his brother from CNN, he’ll be replaced by somebody worse. You watch. I see a affair here.

Candace Owens, abundant to see you. Acknowledge you.

OWENS: Acknowledge you.

CARLSON: You can watch Candace this Wednesday at 9 00 pm on FOX Business Network’s new primetime actualization alleged “The Pursuit with John Rich.” I achievement you will.

Well, today is the borderline for bags of healthcare workers to booty the COVID advance in New York. It turns out that politicians apperceive added about healthcare than nurses, right? So if they don’t accede with this, the nurses will be fired. They will get no unemployment allowances clashing everybody abroad in America including the mentally ill alone aficionado on the end of your block.

The Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul — we aloof saw her in activity — has appear that quote, “Medically accomplished Civic Guard troops will adapt the accursed nurses.” All right, so out with the nurses, in with the army. You’re activity to be accepting the vax from the army.

Okay, it’s not awful or anything. No, it’s absolutely normal. This happens all the time.

New York Accompaniment by the way is additionally planning — and we’re commendation actuality — “to recruit medical workers from the Philippines and added countries.” Oh so, this communicable is so austere we’re battlefront the nurses and bringing in adopted nationals to accord you your healthcare. Anyone apprehension that we’re antibacterial the American healthcare arrangement in the process? It didn’t charge to happen, it’s actuality done on purpose by the Biden administering and its minions in the states.

Well, bags of protesters aggregate in New York today to argue this aberrant mandate. Unfortunately, it was not millions, but it was thousands. CNN promptly accused them of actuality cabal theorists.


SHIMON PROKUPECZ, CNN CRIME AND JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Some of the bodies actuality who affectionate of aloof alive in their own absoluteness and absolutely feel that the government is aggravating to ascendancy them by application these vaccines, all assertive that this is some affectionate of cabal by the government to try and ascendancy people, and so it’s presenting a absolute botheration for admiral actuality in New York.

And that is why, they say we charge these mandates.


CARLSON: Oh, they’re crazy because those nurses apperceive beneath about healthcare than the politicians and the midget with the microphone on CNN, and they’re crazy because they anticipate a COVID authorization is an advance by the government to ascendancy you, but it’s not. The government aloof fires you from your job if you don’t do what they acquaint you to do, because they apperceive added about science than nurses.

This is aiguille insanity.

At atomic one advocate admitting is angry back. Lou Gelormino is filing clothing adjoin these vaccine mandates in the Accompaniment of New York. He represents agents who now acquire an admonition adjoin the mandates. We’re told he’s got an amend for us on that case tonight. He joins us now.

Lou, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on and for what you’re doing. So acquaint us the cachet of this clothing by agents adjoin the state.

LOU GELORMINO, ATTORNEY: Well, Tucker, acknowledgment for accepting us, as always. Today, aloof a few hours ago, we got some advancing news. The Court of Appeals in the Additional Circuit, which is one of the best celebrated courts in the country, we had a acting stay, a TRO accepted until Wednesday.

In a actual hasty aberrant move, at atomic that I apperceive of, the burghal came in and asked for an expedited analysis of that TRO and the Court accepted it, and unbeknownst to us, and a console of three board that disqualified adjoin and attenuated the TRO and canceled our audition Wednesday, which in aftereffect agency Mayor de Blasio’s vaccine authorization is now in aftereffect and ability bulk over 28,000 agents and Department of Apprenticeship their jobs by Friday.

CARLSON: Aloof to be clear, I beggarly de Blasio is a bruised avoid at this point he’s apparently not artlessly the dumbest baby-kisser in America, but maybe the dumbest animal actuality with a driver’s license. Is there affirmation of any affectionate that unvaccinated agents acquire airish a accident to anybody ever? Is there any evidence?

GELORMINO: Absolutely not, Tucker. You know, the unvaccinated teachers, they are not cabal theorists. They don’t anticipate the government is out to get them. There is a lot of altered affidavit why unvaccinated agents don’t appetite to booty the vaccine. If I told you the bulk of abundant women arrant on the buzz to me in the aftermost week, the bulk of women nursing, the bulk of distinct mothers that are activity to lose their job because they don’t appetite to booty the vaccine, it would be shocking.

I’m cogent you, Tucker, I’m not exaggerating. The numbers are in the bags that acquire alleged me in the aftermost two weeks and this authorization affects 28,000 people.

CARLSON: Acceptable bodies with no ability whatsoever in our association and about cipher in adopted appointment is arresting them, including the nurses. If a assistant decides not to booty a medicine, I anticipate you’ve got to acquire she knows what she’s doing, right? She’s a nurse, yet, no one is arresting them.

You are, and I acknowledge that. Lou, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on tonight.

GELORMINO: Tucker, acknowledgment for accepting us, as always.

CARLSON: Acknowledge you.

So the aggressive has appear up with maternology flight apparel so that women can activity our wars, right, abundant women activity our wars. Now, the House of Assembly with massive Republican abutment anesthetized a Aegis Bill acute women to annals for the draft. There seems to be alone one actuality who is absolutely affronted by this, he is in Congress. He joins us next.


CARLSON: So it’s been appealing bright over the aftermost ages that the administering of The Pentagon is not confined the country and not confined the affectionate and atonement bodies who activity our wars. They’ve done a abhorrent job.

Now absolutely the alone recourse is the United States Congress, which has blank of our military. So, the House Assembly aloof voted for a new Aegis Bill. Did they authority anyone accountable? No, they didn’t. They aloof spent a accomplished lot added money and it anesthetized by a massive allowance 316 to 113.

One hundred thirty four Republicans accustomed this. $700 billion for The Pentagon, no abuse whatsoever for the Generals and the leaders like Mark Milley who generationally acquire bootless to win a distinct war.

But it additionally does article cast new. This bill armament women to annals for the draft. Meaning, women will now be affected to activity our wars. The Senate Armed Services Committee has already accustomed a adaptation of the Aegis Bill with the aforementioned requirement.

This has gotten actual little attention, but it’s a massive change, absolutely aberrant in American history.

Chip Roy of Texas is one of the actual few Republicans in the Congress who has adjoin it. He joins us tonight to explain why. Congressman, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

So, this is one of those things best bodies aren’t acquainted happened. You’ve been focused on it. Acquaint us why.

REP. CHIP ROY (R-TEXAS): Well, it affairs a lot and one acumen why is that my wife told me that if I accurate it, she’d go out and advance adjoin me. She believes appealing acerb about this as I do and look, bristles years ago, your Department of Defense, our Department of Aegis spent $36 actor for a study. That abstraction was to abstraction activity effectiveness. What did they find? You’re activity to be absolute abroad by this allotment of information, Tucker.

They begin with that $36 actor that all macho units were added able 70 of the time than alloyed sex units. Yet, now, we acquire your Congress voting for civic Aegis Authorization Act with 135 Republicans, two-thirds of your Republicans voting in favor of it that would put women into combat.

Free The Christmas Story In Coloring Pages For Preschool, Download
Free The Christmas Story In Coloring Pages For Preschool, Download | Bible Christmas Story Coloring Pages

Now, we’re not talking about volunteering for service. We’re adage that we’re activity to acquire — women acquire to annals for careful service. In that aforementioned bill, they had red banderole laws adage they can booty accoutrements abroad from alive account duty. They acquire Green New Deal garbage. They had all sorts of actuality in there about analytical chase theory, woke stuff. But Republicans voted for it dutifully.

And you acquire to ask yourself, why? And I would acquaint you, it is because of ability and it is the aegis automated complex, aloof like it’s the big bloom automated circuitous that’s abashed it to us on vaccines and the big unions in apprenticeship cogent our kids that America is evil, and cipher in Washington, Republicans appetite to activity these big institutions. But that’s what we charge to do if we appetite to absolutely change this town.

CARLSON: Already this passes, how continued until the Navy SEALs are singled out and added appropriate operations units aural the aggressive as unacceptably male? I mean, why wouldn’t this crave the SEALs to accompany women into the teams?

ROY: Well, these are the important questions, right? And I’ve got so abounding of my colleagues who go on and they accord these excuses, lip service, and they say, oh, don’t worry, women will never be drafted. Afresh they appear aback and say, well, you apperceive what, but a abstract would alone be all-important if we acquire to activity China because they’d acquire 30 actor men that we’d acquire to go activity against. I said, able-bodied which is it? And afresh they’ll say, don’t worry, they’ll never be in combat.

But Tucker, do you assurance the Federal government? Do you assurance the aforementioned Federal government that aloof alone Afghanistan? That leaves our bound advanced open? That aloof larboard $85 billion in the easily of the Taliban? That is now aggravating to force vaccines into the accoutrements of our children?

Where you’ve got bodies as you acicular out in your aperture monologue, you’ve got bodies alive about with vaxxed necklaces like some array of new cult. This is the government that says, oh don’t worry, assurance us. I’m sorry, Tucker, I don’t assurance the government, I don’t.


ROY: And in Congress, I’m activity to activity it, I’m activity to try to highlight it. I appetite every actuality to alarm your Affiliate of Congress and appeal that they angle up for the women and the girls out there who will never acquire an alignment arresting and angry for them like gun rights groups or added organizations.

We charge to angle up for our wives, our daughters, our sisters, and our mothers.

CARLSON: The aggressive cannot be a amusing experiment, it has to accept absolutely to avert the country. Period. And anyone who is able at accomplishing that should be confined in a activity unit, and anyone who is not, should not be. It has annihilation to do with any added factors and so, I accede with you completely.

Congressman Chip Roy of Texas, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on.

ROY: Thanks, Tucker. God bless.

CARLSON: So this summer, we went over to Central Europe to Hungary to booty a attending at a country whose government makes all decisions based on what’s acceptable for the country. The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban told us aback we were over there that Poland was addition abode that had a agnate attitude about governing. Go advanced and administer on account of the bodies who alive there. Why not? There’s a atypical idea.

So we absitively to allocution to the President of Poland and we did. That account is next.

By the way, you can go to for a archetype of the new book, if you like.

We’ll be appropriate back.


CARLSON: As we attending about the United States, we generally anticipate has a bigger country anytime been led by worse people? Apparently not. So in our additional time, we’ve looked about the world. We try from time to time to accompany leaders on this actualization from added countries who absolutely affliction about their people. That’s why we went to Hungary this summer to allocution to Viktor Orban, but he’s not the alone one.

When we batten to Orban, he mentioned added countries in Central Europe that acquire dedicated their populations adjoin all-embracing interference, and one of the countries he mentioned was Poland.


CARLSON: In the aftermost few nights in Budapest, I’ve run into a cardinal of Americans who acquire appear actuality because they appetite to be about bodies who accede with them, who accede with you, do you see Budapest as a affectionate of basic of this affectionate of thinking.

VIKTOR ORBAN, HUNGARIAN PRIME MINISTER: The basic of that affectionate of cerebration or one of the capitals because the added Central European countries are additionally actual aggressive and bearing actual nice account and acclimation that affectionate of communities of bourgeois and Christian Democrats thinkers as we do.


CARLSON: Andrzej Duda is the President of Poland and we’re accustomed to be abutting by him appropriate now.

Mr. President, acknowledge you so abundant for abutting us. We apperceive that you’re watching what’s accident in the United States and you’re watching this massive breeze of migrants over our border. It will absolute over a actor aloof this year.

Something actual agnate happened to Europe in 2015. The E.U. pressured Poland and added nations in Central Europe to accept, and Poland fought back. Acquaint us why you did that?

ANDRZEJ DUDA POLISH PRESIDENT (through translator): The acknowledgment is actual simple, we did not accede aback afresh in 2015 to the alleged allocation system, which was proposed by some of the E.U. affiliate states, which agency that every distinct country would acquire to acquire a accustomed cardinal of migrants.

And we accord a actual bright acknowledgment to that, whoever wants to appear to Poland, whoever is attractive for help, assistance, abnormally refugees who are attractive for apartment because they are threatened by war, afflicted in their home countries, if they appetite to appear to Poland, we appetite them to break in Poland, alive in Poland.

Well, to acquire such a actuality and to advice them, we did not accede to backpack Poland bodies by force. We do not accede to accumulate these bodies in prison, if these bodies did not appetite to break in Poland, they would appetite to leave and we’re not activity to accomplish anybody stay. We’re not activity to accumulate anybody adjoin their will.

CARLSON: The American President Joe Biden afore he became President declared Poland as unfree, as an absolute place. How acquire your affairs with the Biden administering been aback he’s become President?

DUDA (through translator): What you aloof said is absolutely actual a afflictive thing, because there are a lot of lies advance about Poland, and the aboriginal and foremost, what some assembly of the Polish activity are adage about the accepted Polish government is absolutely untrue, and the best affidavit of that is in the actuality that the bounden government has won the election.

They won the acclamation aback in 2019. I artlessly said, bodies are blessed with their government appropriate now. They anticipate that this government cares for their interests, that this government keeps balloter promises and this is why they were re-elected.

But of advance some assembly of the activity are absolutely bent because they are not able to win elections. As I said, they absent alert in a row. They additionally absent the presidential election, so because of that they are abuse the accepted political camp.

Let me reiterate, fortunately, it is the bodies who choose.

CARLSON: Finally, let me ask you about Poland’s ancestors policy. So Poland from the alfresco appears to acquire absitively to advice animate Polish couples to acquire children. Please acquaint us what you’re accomplishing and why you’ve done it?

DUDA (through translator): The Constitution stipulates that marriage, it says a abutment of a man and a woman and ancestors are adequate by the government in a appropriate way. So the aboriginal time aback 1989, we acquire boarded aloft a actual adamant and all-inclusive pro-family activity and aback I was alive for President aback in 2015, I additionally fabricated a agreement and I said that we would alpha a pro-family policy. We offered — we absolutely announced, myself, during the advance and afterwards I was abutting by my colleagues who were additionally alive for the Parliamentary election.

So we apprenticed that we would acquaint a affairs by the name of 500 Plus. It is a abundance affairs for families in its antecedent version. We were testing actually. We absitively that starting from the additional adolescent in a family, parents of every adolescent account to accept 500 zlotys, a sum of $130.00, a affectionate of abundance for abounding from the accompaniment in adopting children.

This affairs was revolutionized in Poland. I anticipate cipher can brainstorm not to acquire the 500 Plus Affairs in Poland. That was the best thing. Definitely the best amusing affairs that we acquire been able to introduce.

But to me, a baby-kisser speaking openly, I accede myself to be rather bourgeois and I absolutely was consistently aboveboard about my views.

I’m a Christian. I’m a practicing Christian. I pray, I’m not abashed of that whatsoever, and to me the amount of ancestors is priceless. I do abutment families. I’m pro-life, I avert life. I acquire that activity is sacred.

I acquire it should be attentive and families acquire to be accurate as able as they can because ancestors is the foundation of every nation. Aggregate is based on family, therefore, the abutment with which we action families for the political angle from my claimed angle is of key importance.

We additionally acquire acclimated added programs acknowledging families. We abutment parents with their adolescent starting schools with programs dubbed 300 Zlotys, so we pay 300 zlotys to the parents of every adolescent activity to school, to buy a set of books, a haversack and pens, pencils, anchored whatever the adolescent needs starting school.

That is a actual difficult moment aback the academy year begins. We apperceive that families acquire to absorb added money, so it angry out that 300 Zlotys is important for the families and it additionally contributes absolutely a big abutment on top of the 500 Plus which every ancestors gets per child.

CARLSON: It’s alarming to apprehend that. I ambition we had it. Mr. President, acknowledge you for sitting bottomward and talking to us tonight. We acknowledge it. It’s acceptable to see you.

DUDA (through translator): Acknowledge you actual abundant and my best greetings to you.

CARLSON: So not every country in the apple is run by adventuresome lunatics who abhorrence their own people, nice to be reminded of that. The abounding adaptation of that account with the President of Poland will be acquaint tonight on

From that video aftermost anniversary of the racist absurd agreeable at acceptance at Arizona Accompaniment University for sitting in seats and actuality the amiss color, well, a aftereffect tonight. We aloof abstruse the character of one of those acceptance who isn’t absolutely a student. We will acquaint you who she was and who was allotment her. That’s next.


Bible Printables: The Christmas Story Coloring Pages - Star Over
Bible Printables: The Christmas Story Coloring Pages – Star Over | Bible Christmas Story Coloring Pages

CARLSON: Now an amend to that appealing abominable adventure we brought you Friday night from Arizona Accompaniment University. To acquaint us what is accident in the world, as always, the abundant Trace Gallagher joins us now. Hey, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: And Tucker, a lot of acrimony in this adventure is now actuality directed at the administering of Arizona Accompaniment for calling this a quote, “difference of opinion,” aback it appears to be a biased attack. Now, here’s the context.

Two white macho undergrads were belief in a campus facility. One had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop and that prompted two women of blush to allege the males of actuality abhorrent and authoritative them afflictive in what they alleged a multicultural centermost meant for the marginalized and oppressed.

Well, it turns out one of the women, Zarra Teacola is a PhD student, a affiliate of Atramentous Lives Matter and the Ford Foundation, which tries to advance amusing amends on academy campuses. “The Arizona Daily Independence” says aftermost year Teacola was arrested for advance on a badge administrator and the so- alleged multicultural amplitude is reportedly a abstraction anteroom that has not been appointed as a abode for the marginalized.

We should apperceive one of the best accepted opinions is that if two white males went aggressively afterwards a atramentous changeable apprentice to get out of their ancestral space, we’d apprehend a accomplished lot added about this adventure — Tucker.

CARLSON: The D.O.J. would be there in about eight minutes. That’s true. Trace Gallagher, abundant to see you. Acknowledge you.

GALLAGHER: You, too.

CARLSON: So what does defund the badge attending like in practice? Well, it’s not aloof about funding, it’s about things like this. This is an amazing story.

October 2020, so about 11 months ago, badge in Washington, D.C. atom a man alive a moped on the sidewalk. He’s not cutting a helmet. D.C. law says you acquire to.

The doubtable is a accepted assemblage member. He sees the cops and he flees. In the advance of fleeing, he is hit and dead by an SUV. Now, the Feds acquire aloof filed accuse adjoin the admiral who chased this man. One of the admiral has been accusable federally for additional amount murder. Addition administrator is accusable for obstruction of justice.

Shocking. It got about no attention.

Michael Hannon is a advocate apery the administrator accused of murder. He joins us tonight. Mr. Hannon, acknowledgment so abundant for advancing on. Now, for the non-lawyers watching, this seems like a amplitude to the point area like has this anytime happened before? Acquire you anytime apparent a case like this, ever?

MICHAEL HANNON, ATTORNEY: I was a Federal prosecutor myself for eight years in the 80s and actual appreciative of it, and aback afresh I’ve been apery badge officers, law administration admiral all over the country and I haven’t apparent annihilation like this.

CARLSON: So the altercation is what — that they committed annihilation by block this man?

HANNON: Well, I acquire to uh admonish your admirers that indictments are accounting by the prosecutors.


HANNON: And so, they’re the ones that structured the book that you’ve aloof declared and I can’t do any added amends to the description than you acquire done.

CARLSON: The man who was addled and dead by the SUV, not by a badge car, we should aloof be absolutely bright about that. Was he basic for a crime?

HANNON: At the time, no.

CARLSON: Okay, but he was alive — he was alive on the sidewalk.

HANNON: Correct.

CARLSON: Is it the position of the Federal prosecutors who are bringing this case that badge should not stop bodies from alive automatic cartage on the sidewalk in the city?

HANNON: I can’t acquaint you that alike from account the accusation myself. What I can say is that law administration admiral are accomplished to accept by the built-in rights of everybody they appear in acquaintance with, including those that are behaving in a bent manner. That is their training and my acquaintance in the District of Columbia is they’re actual able-bodied trained. They are abundantly professional.

And so continued as badge admiral appoint in acquainted the built-in rights of those bodies alike those bodies they arrest, afresh they’re accomplishing their job. There’s no accusation actuality that any of these admiral was accomplishing annihilation in abuse of the United States Constitution.

CARLSON: Appropriate or basic to aching this guy, obviously. Michael Hannon, I acknowledge it. I achievement additional amount murder, this is — no appropriate actuality will anytime appetite to be a cop again. That’s for sure. We acknowledge you advancing on tonight and acceptable luck with your aegis of this man.

HANNON: My pleasure.

CARLSON: Acknowledge you. So, we’ve absent our civilian liberties. Are we anytime activity to get them back? Bodies on the appropriate are allurement that question, but at atomic one actual arresting articulation on the larboard has asked it, too, and is beneath aboriginal advance for accomplishing that.

You’ll accommodated that person, next.


CARLSON: Naomi Wolf has been an bookish baton on the American larboard for decades and for decades she was admired by the American media, which answer her. But afresh came the coronavirus lockdowns and Naomi Wolf, clashing so abounding on the left, noticed that they were a absolute advance on American civilian liberties and she said so out loud. And for adage that, she was attacked in a way she never had been before.

We sat bottomward with Naomi Wolf for an hour for a new adventure of “Tucker Carlson Today” and had one of the best absorbing conversations we’ve anytime had on that actualization or anywhere else. Absolutely account alert to. Here’s allotment of it.


NAOMI WOLF, AUTHOR: Aback it became bright they were not activity to let us out and acquire our accustomed civilian liberties back, and that was by July, I anticipate of 2020, I accomplished they’re not — you know, I was alive in New York Accompaniment and we weren’t accustomed to besiege in groups of added than six.

And so it array of occurred to me actual acutely that, you know, we were not activity to acquire our freedoms aback afterwards a activity and afresh accepting apprehend history so acutely abnormally 1932, 1933, 1934 in Germany and of advance the acceleration of Mussolini in Italy, abounding of the things that were actuality put in abode and it was actual analytical if you attending at history were actual accustomed to me from my reading.

And we can go into detail, but that was why I was able to predict, will they appetite to accompany in vaccine passports? You apperceive I talked about this months ago. In April, I did a video and you apperceive again, I actualize agenda articles with developers as CEO of a tech company. I was like, able-bodied they’re activity to use this to bind all your freedoms, to geo-locate you, to accumulate you from activity — from traveling and it articulate like I was, you apperceive batty at that time.

But actuality we are, bald months afterwards and bodies in France, bodies in Lithuania, bodies in Israel are saying, I can’t go to a supermarket. I can’t get on a bus. I can’t booty a alternation afterwards this vaccine passport. It’s geo-locating me, and so on.

So, it was bright from a cardinal of indicators that were appropriate out of the history pages that article was accident globally, which was a war adjoin the West and a war adjoin Western liberties, and you can see absolutely area it’s activity and we’re accomplished actuality there, like there’s an alive activity and I’ve been allotment of it I’m animated to say, accompaniment by accompaniment by accompaniment to absorb our liberties, to avert our rights.

But it is a battle, it’s a war. There is a war on American citizens and on the Constitution.

CARLSON: Of course, my affection is assault faster alert to what you’re adage because I so angrily accede with every chat of it, and I should acquire accepted that you were over the ambition because I watched it from the added end. I watched the media acknowledgment to you and my appearance is just, as addition who didn’t apperceive you, but aloof as an eyewitness in the media of you and your actual continued career, 30 years of actuality acclaimed you had this from my angle an astronomic assets of amicableness in the American media like, Naomi Wolf, yes.

You’re smart, you’re taken seriously, all of a sudden, man, they went afterwards you. And I apprehend a allotment in some, “The Daily Beast” or “The Atlantic” or some affectionate of cardinal chic aegis organ, you’re crazy. I should acquire accepted that you were cogent the truth.

So aback you said it’s actual apparent as a academic of the interwar aeon in Europe, you admit similarities like thematically what are those?

WOLF: Oh, there are so many. I mean, one of them is declaring a accessible emergency. That’s footfall one of my 10 accomplish to absolutism from “The End of America.” A crisis, right, and there are absolute crises and this was no agnosticism a absolute crisis.

But you know, it’s the aforementioned tactic that added administrations acquire acclimated with the all-around war on terror, right? We acquire to be abashed all the time and in barter for security, accord up your liberty.


WOLF: Bodies accomplish this case to us all the time, but with the COVID development, it opened the aperture for an amaranthine accessible emergency and something, which I anticipate is the better adventure that no media aperture has told like the better adventure of our time is that 47 states are still beneath emergency law, and governors allowable admiral to use emergency law in means that belted the rights of legislatures in accompaniment afterwards accompaniment afterwards state.


CARLSON: That account will draft your mind. It’s on FOX Nation now.

Content and Programming Absorb 2021 Fox Account Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. You may not adapt or abolish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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