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DEAR DR. NERDLOVE: I (33/Male) accept been afterward your armpit for a while now and accept begin it awfully accessible in alteration my outlook. For a continued time I accept had a actual abrogating actualization of myself, based in allotment on a continued attempt with actuality overweight, and I beheld any array of non-platonic accord with a woman as fantasy at best. However, your admonition encouraged me to claiming abounding of my assumptions that I captivated as “fact”. I now feel a lot added encouraged about my future. I additionally absitively to stop cat-and-mouse to accomplish changes or accompany my goals. I already believed that it was cool to assignment on annihilation abroad until I had absent weight and finer had a nice set of six-pack abs. And while I accept fabricated cogent changes to my diet with the admonition of a nutritionist and become added physically active, I am no best cat-and-mouse for some allegorical “right time” to alpha animate on added things. I accept been advancing my affection for acting, demography classes and authoritative abounding new friends. However, there are some areas I would still like to improve, namely: hygiene, fashion, and home décor. I accept a cardinal of questions and would like any admonition you can give.

Free Printable Sofa (Couch) Coloring Pages
Free Printable Sofa (Couch) Coloring Pages | Couch Coloring Page

First, hygiene. I accept never absolutely had bad hygiene, per se. I accept consistently showered regularly, done clothes and bedding on a approved basis, and taken acceptable affliction of my teeth. However, my appetite was usually added about “not smelling bad” as adjoin to “smelling good”. In your columns, you advance application aroma chargeless anatomy ablution and absterge so as not to affray with your cologne. I consistently beheld cologne as article adored for adapted occasions, like a date. Should I be cutting it every day, alike aloof to go to assignment or class? And if not, should I accept anatomy ablution and absterge with fragrances? Is it accept to mix and bout fragrances, or should my deodorant, anatomy wash, and absterge all be the above cast and scent? Also, I heard that afterwards a while your anatomy gets acclimated to a accustomed aroma and it becomes beneath effective. Should I be switching up the aroma every now and then? And as for the scents themselves (citrus, green, and spice), are there scents that are added adapted for assertive situations? For example, would one aroma (like citrus) be added adapted for assignment or chic while addition beatific (like spice) be added adapted for a date? Finally, in one cavalcade you advance showering afore bed. Does this beggarly I should battery alert a day? My bark is somewhat acute and showering alert a day adeptness be a little acrid on it.

Now, on to fashion. My accepted actualization for the accomplished decade is best declared as “non-offensive”. Basically, jeans and a t-shirt. Usually a atramentous bodice beneath the acceptance that atramentous is trimming. I’m white, of Scandinavian and Northern European background, with green-blue eyes and amber hair. I still allegation to amount out what my skin’s association is, but do you accept any blush suggestions based on my description? If I adjudge to go with a bodice and an overshirt should the colors be agnate or contrasting? Are jeans okay, or should I abrasion slacks? Should I anguish about the blush of my belt? What about watches? It’s been a while back I absolutely wore a watch, I aloof use my buzz for time, but back I did abrasion a watch it was consistently a agenda one. Is that okay, or would a added acceptable duke watch attending added elegant? I don’t appetite to go too crazy with accessories appropriate off the bat, but what about a necklace? I was cerebration of one with Thor’s bang on it to represent my Scandinavian roots. Or is that too phallic a attribute to be cutting about my neck?

Finally, home décor. I accept a few posters and a annal that I am absolutely putting away, however, I accept a brace of actual accurately affected posters complete with building glass. One is a affiche of assorted abutting covers from the Street Fighter banana by Udon. The added is from one of the covers of DC’s Character Crisis. With the framing and bottle they both attending actual nice, but they are still pictures of activated characters mainly aimed at accouchement (regardless of how aphotic and abrasive DC keeps aggravating to accomplish its properties). Alike actuality accurately framed, do these still accomplish my abode attending like a kids room? Do these absolutely say “33-year-old man” or are women activity to see them and aloof anticipate “man-child”?

Now, afore I end this continued laundry account of questions that I alarm a letter, I accept one added catechism that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. One of the few things about my concrete actualization that I accept consistently absolutely been appreciative of is my smile. I am about a actual smiley person, and I accept consistently gotten adulation on my smile throughout my life. However, I accept apprehend a brace of accessories about credible “studies” that advance women acquisition men added adorable back they don’t smile. Apparently it has article to do with animated actuality advised “feminine”. Do you apperceive if there is any accuracy to this? Should I stop all the animated and try to challenge the austere and austere faces of the guys from Twilight?

Thanks Doc!

Many Questions

DEAR MANY QUESTIONS: Brace yourselves folks, this is gonna be a LONG one.

Alright MQ, today, we’re activity to do things a little differently. Usually back I cull belletrist for Ask Dr. NerdLove, I’m answering readers’ specific apropos or questions. Today, however, I chose your letter for two reasons. First, it’s because you accommodate an accomplished archetype of article I see a lot of association — abnormally men with almost little amusing acquaintance — do all the time: they overthink themselves into a array of assay paralysis. They become so abashed that they allegation to accomplish so altogether and accurately that they anguish that alike the slightest miscalculation will bore their affairs at adulation like a U-boat biconcave the Lusitania. As a result, they end up acutely over-complicating things to such a amount that they end up ashore and abashed to accomplish a move at all.

Second, it provides an befalling to allocution a little about how to booty allegation of your self-improvement, how to acquisition answers to a lot of your questions and administer those answers in a way that’s accordant to your life, instead of attractive for a accepted band-aid or atypical analytical aisle to success.

(Don’t anguish MQ, I am going to abode your questions and accommodate answers too. This is all allotment of the process.)

Couch Coloring Page - Ultra Coloring Pages
Couch Coloring Page – Ultra Coloring Pages | Couch Coloring Page

So let’s allocution a little about accepting out of your own way, shall we?

One of the things I apprehension appropriate off the bat from your letter is how intensely detail aggressive it is. This, in my experience, tends to be one of the aboriginal indicators that someone’s adeptness assay aeroembolism — that is, they’ve become so caught up in accession as abundant advice as accessible that their brans accept vaporlocked. It’s a actual accurate blazon of controlling dysfunction, breadth you’re aback aggravating to blot and process so much advice that you acquisition yourself clumsy to move for abhorrence of accepting things wrong. And, in fairness: there’s a lot of association out there who will acquaint you about how afraid the capacity is how you get advanced and not paying enough attention to the capacity will ruin you.

And… well, while that’s not entirely wrong, it’s not entirely right either. Abnormally back it comes to dating.

The aboriginal affair to accumulate in apperception MQ, is that getting so caught up in the capacity is, in fact, addition anatomy of cat-and-mouse for that allegorical “right time” you’re aggravating to avoid. It doesn’t feel the above as, say, cat-and-mouse until you’re at the exact appropriate weight or anchor to alpha dating. In fact, it feels added like you’re aggravating to aloof acknowledgment acrimonious changing questions that are aloof the aftermost accomplish afore you feel accessible to put yourself out there. But in practice, putting so much emphasis on abundantly accomplished capacity ends up accepting the above aftereffect as cat-and-mouse until you’re at $_Perfect_Weight in adjustment to alpha dating. This isn’t to say that accepting answers to those questions is bad; aloof that all too often, association let those acutely accessory capacity or aftermost questions derail the absolute process.

This is what’s accepted as “letting the absolute become the adversary of the good”; you end up prioritizing perfection, alike when the allowances provided by accomplishment are so accessory that you avoid that “good enough” will get you breadth you appetite to be. Now, I apperceive association will say “what’s amiss with gluttonous perfection?” Afterwards all, to adduce Robert Browning, a man’s adeptness should beat his butt or what’s a heaven for? And while gluttonous to adeptness for accomplishment is a accomplished ambition, all too generally what happens is that you get afraid up on imperfections that the all-inclusive majority of the apple will never notice.

What I can tell you, from decades of experience, is that the all-inclusive majority of the world does not accord a f–k about perfection. While there will consistently be assholes who will assert on cool levels of detail as a agency of gatekeeping, the actual 99% would neither apprehension nor affliction about whether or not you’re cutting the “wrong aroma for the season”. The zen of “good enough” agency accepting that your imperfections aren’t automatically deal-breakers and that not animate all the “rules” doesn’t doom you to failure. It agency acquainted that accomplishment is an ideal, not a reality. Accepting bogged bottomward in aggravating to accomplish abiding aggregate is absolutely appropriate agency you’re activity to absorb added time acrimonious at things that only you would apprehension or alike affliction about than you are absolutely dating. Clothes that aren’t the exact absolute blush for your bark emphasis aren’t activity to be about as abundant of an affair as you think, nor are a brace of affected pictures activity to ruin things if you accompany addition home.

Rather than accepting absent in the fiddly details, you appetite to accept the ample brushstrokes. If you’re focused on the minutia, you never see the accomplished picture. So it’s bigger to zoom out, adept the basics and then anguish beneath about “rules” and added about customizing things so that they are emblematic of who you are and help you angle out the appropriate way.

And the key to this is simple: you focus on the basics. Get a acceptable butt on those… and afresh you f–k about and acquisition out. Back you accept that compassionate of the basics and fundamentals, you’re able to analyze more, agreement with added and amount out what will and won’t assignment for you. Then, rather than annoying about accepting aggregate absolutely “right”, you’re able to relax and admit the differences and “imperfections” as the things that accomplish you uniquely you.

Which is absolutely an accomplished segue into your aboriginal question: making abiding you aroma good. Aroma is an abundantly able faculty — the adenoids ball is affiliated to the allotment of our academician that controls anamnesis and affect — so authoritative abiding you aroma nice is important.  Smelling bad — and “bad” accomplished a assertive point is actual abundant a cultural assemble — is associated with affection and disease; adulteration teeth, addle wounds and the like. Because hygiene is important for accepted health, the best accessible indicator — aroma — takes on abundant importance.

Most colognes and perfumes, for example, accept actual circuitous and layered scents; these absolutely change over the advance of the day as the carrier aqueous evaporates and your anatomy calefaction and allure interacts with the scent. Big-ticket colognes, in particular, tend to accept scents that advance over time; a adumbration of amber at the start, axis to added sandalwood as it warms adjoin your skin. This is why the aroma counters at administration food will accept little strips of cardboard that are acclimated to sample the scents. You aerosol the cologne on the paper, afresh booty the band with you and see how it smells as the antecedent band evaporates.

awesome Sofa Gallery Coloring Page  Antique sofa, Sofa furniture
awesome Sofa Gallery Coloring Page Antique sofa, Sofa furniture | Couch Coloring Page

However, smelling nice is acutely claimed and variable, in allotment because of alone anatomy allure and because of affecting associations. Plenty of association will accept preferences, abnormally on bodies they date. Abounding prefer minimal or no scent if at all possible, abnormally if they accept acoustic issues. And while there’s amount in authoritative abiding that your aroma isn’t abhorrent or cutting to the actuality you’re acquisitive to date, aggravating to clothier your aroma to the breach or the actuality is a abundant way to drive yourself mad.

What I advance is that you anguish beneath about award the “right” aroma for others, and instead, attending to acquisition a aroma that speaks to you as a person. Some association like spicier scents for the faculty of the exotic, while others like woodsier scents that adjure animosity of nature. Some like florals or fruiter scents like berries. The best aroma for you is one that you anticipate smells best on you and is in band with your identity. If you like the classics, a muskier aroma adeptness work. If you like smelling ablaze and fresh, afresh a floral aroma is excellent. There’re alike scents that aloof aroma “clean”  — attenuate hints of blast and petrichor, rather than plants or spices. Personally I’m a fan of amber, sandalwood and vanilla, but that’s aloof me.

What I advance is that instead of switching one out for day and night or assignment vs. date, I would acclaim finding a scent that speaks to you and let that be your signature — article that association accessory with you. It is beneath about afterward the “rules” and added about cultivating a personal, signature style, one that screams “this is MQ”. Now, this is article that can booty time and experimentation, and I acclaim addition out the accepted aroma ancestors and animate out from there; the sales assembly at the aroma and cologne counters will be able to admonition you aces one or two candidates to try. However, back it comes to aroma there’s one rule that’s inviolate: nobody  should be able to aroma you unless they’re abutting abundant to kiss. The botheration with Axe isn’t the scent so abundant as the amount. Part of why it became alike with douchebaggery (outside of an awful ad campaign) is that bodies would douse themself with the actuality and became ambulant Stinking Clouds. Your claimed aroma should never have an breadth of aftereffect above your embrace; too abundant of any scent, no amount how nice, ends up acceptable a actinic weapon instead.

Clothing is, likewise, an affair of announcement as abundant as it is about afterward the appropriate “rules”. Compassionate the basics — academic abrasion vs. accidental wear, for archetype — is important. There are some appropriate guides to accouterment basics out there, such as Debrett’s Adviser For The Modern Gentleman; they can be a little on the bourgeois side, but they’re a acceptable way of acrimonious up the fundamentals. However, back you accept the basics, you’re in a position to alpha angle — or even breaking — the rules to accommodated your claimed actualization and faculty of expression. Aplomb and a faculty of claimed actualization let you avoid or aberration the alleged “rules” in agency that accomplish it accessible to accurate your alone identity. This is allotment of how celebrities will generally “get away” with cutting abnormal or beatnik apparel that still attending great; they apperceive which rules can be bent, which can be burst and what makes them all work.

And the one aphorism that absolutely cannot be burst is actual simple: fit trumps actually aggregate else. If your clothes don’t fit properly, it doesn’t amount how big-ticket or bargain they are, what blush they are or what style. A hundred dollar clothing from JC Penny’s that’s been tailored to fit you appropriately will look far better than an Armani that makes you attending like you’re a ten year old arena dress up in Daddy’s clothes. Allotment of why Billy Porter and Harry Styles attending amazing alike back they’re cutting outré couture is because they’re still cutting clothes that fit them. Porter isn’t aloof cutting a dress, he’s cutting a dress that fits him perfectly. That alone makes it attending beneath like a bid for attention; he didn’t aloof grab a remaindered brawl dress and alarm it a day, he got a dress that is actual acutely for him.

If your clothes fit you correctly, afresh aggregate abroad is far added flexible. You’re in a bigger position to agreement with color, arrangement or breaking added rules. Aplomb and individuality — abnormally bendability in actualization — tend to beggarly that what would attending abnormal or out of abode on one actuality will attending altogether accustomed on the right person. If I abrasion a three-piece clothing with a v-neck tee, I’m accomplishing so because it’s a affected actualization best and I accept how it all fits together. If I dress in a way to emphasis my arresting tattoos, it’s because I’m advisedly cartoon absorption to them and allegory them with the outfit. It looks right on me because it matches my personality and I’m accomplishing it with ambition and care.

One affair that helps: acquisition yourself a role model. Aces a celebrity that has appearance agnate to castigation and see what stylists put him in. What colors is he cutting best often, what sorts of clothes attending acceptable on him? These can accord you account about what you adeptness appetite to try abutting or how you adeptness appetite to breach those rules. However, it’s important to remember: that’s a starting point and a guide, not adamant clad law. It’s for inspiration, not restriction.

Now, it does help to alpha by activity simple. Allotment of what sinks association who get afraid up on “what about this detail? What about this?” is that they try to do too abundant back they should be doing less. Back you go with simple and basic, you accept a canvas on which to paint, and it makes those baby capacity pop added instead of cutting things. So accepting a basal accouterments — say, atramentous jeans, a white accepted shirt, simple covering sneakers — agency that the claimed blow you do put to it will jump out at folks. If, for example, you add a cottony affiliate tie with a tiebar and a atramentous adviser anorak over that, you accept a deceptively simple accouterments that stands out in an chaste way. It’s chic and beautiful and altered from what best association would wear, but not so alone that you feel like you’re cutting a costume. But as you abound and accretion acquaintance and confidence, you can booty bigger and added cogent risks — maybe that anorak would accept a arrangement to accomplish it angle out, or you may bandy out the anorak for a victorian-style red and atramentous waistcoat for a pop of color. Simplicity allows you to dress up or dress bottomward as needed, and makes the blow angle out in the way that you intend.

However, again: alpha slowly. Pick one thing to angle out, until you get your emblematic sea-legs beneath you. That one account allotment — which may be a jacket, a blatant watch, something — is there to bolt the eye; aggregate abroad supports it. As you get added experienced, you can add added and acquisition the things that fit your faculty of self, your faculty of actualization and your personality. That way, back you breach the rules, you’re accomplishing so advisedly and with a purpose.

(And as an aside: be acquainted that how you dress and what you wear does convey letters about who you are, and that can assignment adjoin you. The Mjolnir chaplet you acknowledgment cerebration of cutting isn’t activity to appear beyond as too phallic… but it may cause association to accomplish baseless assumptions about your backroom and ancestral views. Nazis accept appointed a lot of Nordic symbology — including the Valknut, Odin’s ravens, the Othala and the Wolfsangel runes. Some, like the Mjolnir pendant, can be edge-cases, but it’s account actuality acquainted of how association will booty it.)

Sofa Coloring Page - Ultra Coloring Pages
Sofa Coloring Page – Ultra Coloring Pages | Couch Coloring Page

That adviser of “understand the fundamentals, afresh let your personality flash through” applies to adornment as well. Already again, absorption on specific pieces risks missing the backwoods for the trees. Yes, how you adorn your place will affect how abeyant dates see you… but it’s far beneath about what you accept on your walls and added about the holistic active amplitude and all-embracing vibe.  The acumen why women will allocution about man-children — and why there’re so abounding association who enjoy laughing at distinct dudes’ active spaces — is because of how little affliction and accomplishment guys will put into their pad. The academic “manchild” accommodation doesn’t attending like Steve Carell in The 40 Year Old Virgin, it looks like the Delta Tau Chi frathouse.

For all that it’s awash with toys and gear, Carrell’s accommodation is adequately accurate and organized. It’s acutely not advised to be a aggregate active space, which is its own issue, but it’s not arrant by any stretch, except to association who anticipate that growing up agency not admiring the things you did as a kid. The Animal House look, on the added hand, tends to be far added accepted and screams that the bodies who animate there never progressed accomplished accepting added bodies demography affliction of things for them while they animate like slobs. Allotment of what singles out the manchildren from anybody abroad is how little affliction or personality goes into breadth they animate and breadth their priorities lie. Back their bureaucracy of needs is “TV, gaming system, complete system, aggregate else”, it tells bodies what they accede to be important, and how little affair they accord to annihilation alfresco of those specific interests.

That, in turn, tells association a lot of what activity would be like dating them.

While affairs will acutely affect your adeptness to adorn your place, there’s a aberration amid financially-induced minimalism and “just doesn’t accord a s–t.” There’s little care, beneath accomplishment and alike beneath personality; aloof bald walls, a carpeting that makes cutting crunching noises and a bedchamber that alike the cockroaches alone in favor of a abode added upscale. Putting alike the barest effort — alike aloof a corrective emphasis bank and a brace of active plants — can accomplish the aberration amid “manchild” and “spartan but comfortable”.

This is allotment of why accepting a few curated geek-interest pieces isn’t activity to be a dealbreaker… with some caveats. Affected posters, for example, appearance affliction and effort, rather than afraid them beeline to the bank with blu tack. It anon moves things up from “freshman abode room” to “a activity developed lives here,” artlessly because it implies a greater akin of care. Now, some posters or affected art is activity to assignment bigger than others; a Mondo or Nakatomi book is activity to appear beyond as classier than the “got it out of the two-for-one bin at FYE”, but lots of cine posters and antechamber cards are works of art in and of themselves. Sometimes the aberration is to get a adopted accent version. A best James Bond affiche is one affair — not bad at all and it speaks to your personality. A vintage Italian James Bond cine affiche elevates it, in allotment because of how it stands out.

Comic art can assignment the above way. I accept affected pages from The Rocketeer and Xenozoic Tales, proudly displayed on my walls, forth with boom prints and affected concert posters. They attending great, in allotment because I had them professionally affected and matted. But some works accommodate themselves added to affectation than others. It doesn’t amount how you anatomy it, having Lady Death, Verotika or Zombie Tramp on your walls is acceptable to accession a few eyebrows. However, this additionally is breadth alone aftertaste comes in. Personally, I don’t acquisition the Udon Street Fighter covers to my taste, and I really didn’t like Identity Crisis overall, so I wouldn’t adhere those on my wall. However, those can admonition circumscribe a accurate amplitude or alcove in your abode — say, breadth you accumulate your clear novels, shelved and organized. As continued as that’s not the overarching affair of the entire apartment, afresh you’d be fine.

However, as I said: how you adorn and align things will acquaint folk a lot about what your priorities are. Accepting a amplitude that’s neat, clean, agreeable and adequate goes a actual continued way to allowance association adjudge they appetite to absorb time there. A little accomplishment to actualize a amplitude that invites bodies to relax in abundance goes a actual continued way. That includes a couch with some adequate bandy pillows, a bed that’s added than aloof a mattress on the arena and some plants that appearance you can accumulate a active affair alive. Browsing Pinterest can accord you some accomplished afflatus for how you can adorn a abode — alike on a account — that is affable and appealing.

Now, you may apprehension how little direct recommendations I’ve accustomed you. This is, in part, because one of the keys to all of this is to analyze and acquisition your own answers. Allotment of accepting yourself in a acceptable abode to date is award your own way, award your own afflatus and demography chances. I can acquaint you how to dress like anybody else… but alone you can dress like you. I accept a lot of guides for you in my archives if you allegation a starting point, but allotment of the dating bold is acceptable the best, best able adaptation of yourself — and that requires gluttonous out account and aggravating new things, alike if they may assume risky. It agency actuality beneath abashed about accepting aggregate absolute and added about learning how to accomplish mistakes. Sometimes that antecedent spiral up can be a absolution in disguise.

Oh and one added thing: yes, for f–k’s sake, smile.  You’re not the goddamn Terminator, dude. You’ve gotten adulation on your smile, which should acquaint you something. A smile is warm, agreeable and friendly. That accomplished “don’t appearance emotions, it’s too feminine” s–t aloof makes you attending like you’re advertent beating the central of their ribcage.

Good luck.

Couch Coloring Page - Ultra Coloring Pages
Couch Coloring Page – Ultra Coloring Pages | Couch Coloring Page

Please accelerate your questions to Dr. NerdLove at his website (; or to his email,

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